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Author - Annemarie Aarts

Vanlife Baby on the way!

We are absolutely thrilled to share with you, that in about 10 weeks time we will be having a vanlife BABY!! Vanlife Baby We are 30 weeks along the way right now and boy, it was a bumpy ride. Hence, we haven’t been posting to much on social media in the first few months. This baby boy hasn’t made his parents life an easy one, for about 17 weeks! But, we...

Living in a van

Living in a van full time, where will we go next?

There are certain points in life where you need to rethink what you are doing and where you would love your life to go . For us, this point came after 2 years of living in a van, in the early autumn of 2018. Living in a van It was the late summer of 2018 that we came back to the Netherlands after a 2 year trip. We would call it a road trip and a rollercoaster at the...

Camper Renovation

Camper Renovation Update

Our camper renovation takes a lot more time then we expected. So much has happened in our lives during the last 10 months! It’s about time to share some of it. Camper renovation update After 18 months of traveling, we came back to Holland in the middle of July 2018. We had just imported a new van out of Germany, which was planned to be our new future home...

Lost Direction Video 3

18 months on the road!

After one and a half year it was time to leave Scandinavia. We are heading to the Baltic States for some new adventures. Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania here we come! Only two more weeks to go before we hit the ferry.