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Camper Renovation

Camper Renovation Update

Our camper renovation takes a lot more time then we expected. So much has happened in our lives during the last 10 months! It’s about time to share some of it. Camper renovation update After 18 months of traveling, we came back to Holland in the middle of July 2018. We had just imported a new van out of Germany, which was planned to be our new future home...

Lost Direction Video 7

We converted a ’77 camper to be our perfect house on wheels

1977. Mercedes brings, even before we are born, this bus on the market that is exactly what we need. Of course we didn’t know that by then, but some decennia later it turns out to be house that feels like home. We converted that old van to be our perfect house on wheels! It took us 3 months to convert this camper into a modern, warm home that serves all our...

Lost Direction Video 8

We have started a You Tube Channel!

The second year of our life, living in a van, we are starting a You Tube Channel! A pictures says more than a thousand words and a video…. even more! So, go follow our journey and subscribe to our channel! You can find us here: Lost Direction . On this channel you will get some more in-depth information about our lifestyle. We will show you what we do, how we...