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Who are we?


Lost Direction may sound like we have no clue about where we are, where we are going or maybe even who we are; non of this is true! This blog is meant to be a diary for us to share our life on the road. We want to inspire you and show you that it is okay to get lost sometimes and to take another road.

We are Anne (32) and Martijn (38)! Together with our 5 year old 60 kilo Newfoundland dog, we decided to downsize our stuff and maximize our freedom. We both sold our houses in the Netherlands, left our jobs and sold all the stuff we had. We have been living in our ’77 van since October 2016 and have been on the road ever since. Within 3 months we converted our camper to a place we now call home. Living on 12 square meters makes it possible to jump into the deep, get lost and always feel at home.

Do you want to read more about our story and why we decided to live a lifestyle on the road? Follow us on YouTube or Instagram for daily updates! Do you want to read our full story? Click here!