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Camper Renovation

Camper Renovation Update

Our camper renovation takes a lot more time then we expected. So much has happened in our lives during the last 10 months! It’s about time to share some of it.

Camper renovation update

After 18 months of traveling, we came back to Holland in the middle of July 2018. We had just imported a new van out of Germany, which was planned to be our new future home. Since we had some experience renovating our first camper, we estimated it was about to take 3 months to get it ready. Boy, we were wrong!

camper renovation 1

Every tiny inch, every square centimeter needed a lot of love. This was going to take so much more time than we had planned beforehand. Since we had been living in our van for 2 years at that time, we knew actually what we missed and therefore we knew what we wanted instead.

We missed the comfort of a real couch, as well as running water. Along with warm water and a full-size length bed. Furthermore we missed more solar power and especially in the wintertime we felt the need to have a bit more space too, since we would spend more time indoors during that season.

A 60 year old camper van

As a result, we bought a 60 year old fire truck. A Mercedes Benz 311LP to be exact. It would be the perfect fit for us. Being 7 meters long and 2,5 meters wide, it would give us exactly enough space to make our dreams come true after all.

Camper renovation 2

But, although Martijn flew into Germany to have a look before we bought it, we noticed along the way that this wasn’t going to be an easy project for us. Even though the carpentry work wouldn’t be much of a problem, the renovation of the engine and the search for new tires and rims lead to a very time consuming project. In the same way, our request for “new” 60 year old parts, to properly make this camper renovation work, took again a lot of time.

It has been a bumpy ride

I can honestly say it has been a bumpy ride. After 10 months of almost working on this van full-time it has turned out be a stunner. But, together we faced the hardest time so far. We know that renovating and moving in general are two of the most stressful life-events.  For us this was no different.Camper renovation 3

Finally it is coming together. Our to-do list is getting shorter and shorter. And we hope to be ready to roll in about a month time. We installed a bright yellow couch, a shower, a hot water boiler and we experience so much more comfort already. We are kind of in a hurry because of a new “project” that we have planned, but more on that topic later!

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