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We converted a ’77 camper to be our perfect house on wheels

1977. Mercedes brings, even before we are born, this bus on the market that is exactly what we need. Of course we didn’t know that by then, but some decennia later it turns out to be house that feels like home. We converted that old van to be our perfect house on wheels!

It took us 3 months to convert this camper into a modern, warm home that serves all our needs. We have the nicest dreams in our 125 cm width bed, have the tastiest meals made on our (wooden) stove and can talk for hours sitting at our multifunctional kitchen table.

We have used the space as practically as could be. We made a lot of (hidden) storage places, because although we don’t have a lot of stuff, we always have to much. Both me and Martijn incorporated some old elements from our former houses into our interior and it instantly feels familiar.

Most of the interior is made out of left overs from Martijns old woodworking workshop. Our oak kitchen counter, our bamboe floor. Everything fell into place. We stripped the van down to the chassis, which gave us the opportunity to make some boxes underneath the floor as well. Our 2 gas bottles, 3 cans of fresh water, 1 can for grey water and a load of fire wood are all stored and hidden away under the surface.

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